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Zieml’s design philosophy stems from the meaning of the word in Baluchi: symphony in composition.

Created by Fashion Design graduate, Hennah Atta Baloch, staying true to the essence of the word, Zieml blends traditional handicrafts and contemporary cut-lines to produce a perfect amalgamation of what’s heritage and what’s modern.
Predominantly made by rural artisans, Zieml is rooted in the customs of the land and channels indigenous aesthetic values onto present-day apparels.

Experimenting with different indigenous textiles, prints and patterns, these clothing articles are cultural artefacts that can be worn by the modern customer.

The brand’s designs shape desires and awaken the imagination of those who take clothes seriously. Zieml is a language and it is meant for those who have the attitude to communicate personal style and the sense to celebrate diversity.

Zieml creates apparel pieces in limited runs.

Zieml Artisan's Work .jpg